September 15 – 17 2022
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Samsung x Pravda Bureau

Samsung invited the Pravda Bureau to develop the spatial audio installation ‘Unfold Your World’ inspired by new phone models that, thanks to their unique foldable form factor, open up new opportunities for users and allow them to communicate, create content, have fun and express themselves like never before. For the first time at Cosmoscow Fair, the phygital format will be presented, combining physical and augmented (AR) realities, meeting the key values of both the brand and the fair: to be innovative in their industries and to go beyond the ordinary.

Guests will immerse themselves in a vivid fantasy world based on playing with light reflections and sound sensations: in a colorful labyrinth that duplicates the shapes of smart phone models, people will be able to see the new colors in themselves and the world around them and plunge into the digital dimension unfolded by the novelties in Galaxy Z series.

The installation was designed by the Pravda Bureau and sound artists Nikita Rasskazov and Ilya Duganov. The ‘Unfold Your World’ project continues the series of the bureau's series of works called ‘Materiality of the Future’: the world is changing, and reality responds. The installation is intended to give the viewers the space sensation and allow them to conjecture their own image, to reveal new facets both around and within themselves.