September 10 - 13
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Aleksei Taruts. Let All Your Dreams Come True

Performance supported by ISSMAG Gallery.

Aleksei Taruts is a Russian artist who explores the nature of community and event that produces it. “I consider situations where experience and community appear at the same time. Art allows you to construct more unstable (both practically and symbolically) connections between yourself and the work, between the work and the viewer,” – says the artist.

Among basic media that Taruts uses are performance, video and audio installations. And his Let All Your Dreams Come True work is no exception. The artist uses the event as a performative medium and a symbolic unit of cultural exchange in the conditions of instant communication. Taruts draws attention to the moment of occurrence of the event, making this moment eagerly anticipated and indefinitely lasting. Left unresolved, it serves as an electrified field, a substance leading toward a critical mass, which has catastrophic consequences for the customary world order, an attempt on which is unavoidable. If we assume that everyone’s dreams all of a sudden come true, then it is worth accepting the existence of a world that can accommodate them.

A performer walks along the fair’s space. Upon visual and / or verbal contact with a certain guest of the fair, he speaks a phrase that is the title of the work. The sound is transmitted to the receiving device with the digital effect of tonal lowering and played through the speakers installed at the entrance to the fair. This way personal call becomes a widespread public utterance. The phrase that visitors hear at the entrance, projects expectations of this event to the fair, presenting it simultaneously localized and devoid of temporal and spatial coordinates.