September 10 - 13
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This year, annual Collector’s Eye exhibition of loans from private Russian collections is titled Artificial View. The exhibition presents a group review of works by Russian and international contemporary artists from private collections of Moscow and St. Petersburg collectors. The exhibition raises the problem of making aesthetic choices in contemporary culture and consists of two parts: the first part of the exhibition presents a subjective selection of works on the topic of looking, viewing and different viewing optics made by curator Alexander Burenkov, while the second part of the exhibition is formed by an automated algorithm Aesthetic Score of the Roll App application: works for the exhibition are selected from the total volume of all works from private collections on the principle of aesthetic appeal. Thereby, the exhibition is curated in a dialogue with artificial intelligence to question the curator's vision, the subjectivity in art, the top-down relationship and hierarchical relationships inside the art system, to reflect on the future of artistic production, collecting and display and develop new forms of collaboration between curator, artists and artificial intelligence.

Alexander Burenkov is the curator of the Khodynka gallery, a teacher at the Learning Environment schools and Art Management department of the RMA business school. Laureate of the Innovation award (2017, Curator of the Year category). Nominee of the Innovation award (2018) and the Kuryokhin Award (2018), the Curator of the Year category.