September 10 - 13


7 - 10 May 2019

Venice Biennale is a perfect opportunity to visit the most beautiful city on earth. Every two years, the Biennale transforms the birthplace of Vivaldi and Casanova beyond recognition and turns it into one exhibition venue. If you have already been to Venice and you think that nothing will surprise you, get ready for pleasant discoveries. Familiar palazzos and embankments will play out in fresh colors. If you have never been here, you will discover the city and visit one of the main events of the art world at the same time. Art tour to Venice is an excellent choice for those who are open to current trends and can appreciate the classics and beautiful life.

The topic of 58th Venice Biennale’s main project is a fictional Chinese curse-phrase attributed to Confucius. The idea of the curator is that in the era of double standards, art helps to see the truth. Another feature of the forthcoming Biennale is a significant number of female artists. If you want to understand feminist art better and distinguish fake news from real ones, then let's do it together. Our experts will help to turn acquaintance with contemporary art into a fascinating and unforgettable adventure. In addition, the preview of the Biennale is a high-class event attended by the art world’st beau monde.

Looking at the best examples of contemporary art, let's not forget about the classics. If you decide not to limit your plans to contemporary art only, we have something to offer you. Do you want to visit the cemetery on the island of San Michele, where Joseph Brodsky is buried? No problem. If you like Tintoretto and Titian, then we will go to the Academy Gallery together. Feel like hiding from prying eyes for a while? In just 20 minutes we will be among the quiet villas of Lido. And connoisseurs of Vivaldi will not leave Venice without visiting the Opera House.

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