26 - 29 September 2019

Vienna is a perfect place for those who have respect for cultural traditions, but at the same time fearlessly face the future: the city, with all its imperial past and baroque luxury, is always ready for discoveries. Vienna never leaves top ratings of the most comfortable cities in the world. Life in here balances on the edge of luxury and affordability, a cup of coffee is equally delicious in an inexpensive coffee shop and a restaurant from the Michelin guide.


Owned by Russian businessman Dmitry Aksenov since 2012, this year, viennacontemporary will feature over 100 galleries from about 25 countries. Best examples of contemporary art from Central and Eastern Europe with an emphasis on young Austrian art will be displayed at the spacious Marx Halle pavilion. The 10-year contract with a prestigious venue indicates stability and serious intentions. Last year, the most expensive piece at the fair was Robert Longo’s €600,000 painting. Basically, viennacontemporary is one of the most affordable art fairs in Europe. The average price is about €15,000–20,000, and the minimum price is €200–300.


Besides a visit to the fair, the programme of the art tour will include a visit to the MuseumQuarter Vienna and the famous Albertina Museum, visits to the studio of a contemporary artist and to a private collection, Cosmoscow dinner, new acquaintances with prominent representatives of the art community and much more.

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