September 10 - 13
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Omelchenko Gallery

Omelchenko Gallery is a contemporary art gallery, located in one of the side streets of Old Arbat, Moscow’s historical centre, was founded by the Omelchenko family in Autumn 2015. The work of the gallery is aimed at supporting and popularizing contemporary art, as well as the development and promotion of new artistic trends and movements. Among the artists represented at Omelchenko Gallery are eminent masters such as Oleg Prokofiev, Bella Levikova, Julia Malinina, Vitaly Kopachev, Natalia Tolstaya, Elena Surovtseva and Vladimir Opara among others. The gallery also supports young artists. It has hosted several group and international projects by young artists, for example, an exhibition of students from ICA and an international research project Going Native. The gallery is a place of regular meetings with the artists, cultural gatherings and educational lectures aimed at acquainting and introducing the world of art to our visitors. Gallery staff can consult and advise our visitors on the selection of paintings and drawings, helping to form and replenish collections of artworks. In collaboration with Maria’s Children art center, which supports orphans, orphanage graduates and children with special needs, Omelchenko Gallery has also been able to take part and be active in charity programs. Artists showcased at Cosmoscow 2017: Julia Malinina.

  • Julia Malinina (b. 1980) 1561, 2017 Oil on canvas 120 х 100 cm © Omelchenko Gallery
    Julia Malinina (b. 1980) 1561, 2017 Oil on canvas 120 х 100 cm © Omelchenko Gallery