September 10 - 13
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Palisander Gallery

Palisander Gallery was opened in April 2017 at Trehgornaya Manufacture, Moscow. The gallery specializes in design and abstract painting. For the past 20 years the design market is booming, galleries, dealers, auction houses, museums being involved. Collectible design items in an interior are becoming an appropriate social code. Firstly the gallery wishes to show the classic mid-century design, featuring purity of lines, warmth of materials, moderate minimalism. Fifty years after it comes en vogue again. The best design pieces remain in flawless condition, and advanced decorators create stunning interiors using them. Abstract art of the 50-60-ies, – in its best period – is an organic supplement to such interiors. Post-war abstract art – expressive, spontaneous, psychologic – is a phenomenon in world culture. A good abstract work immediately indicates a taste and ability of an artist: how he copes with difficulty to balance colors, to harmonize composition. The majority of abstractionists came to this genre consciously, as to the final stage of their development, having passed through the stage of traditional painting. Today abstract art is a timeless classic, one of the most prestigious segments of the art market. Along with several big names, other talented artists of the 20th century are becoming more and more known, with auction prices growing and famous galleries showing interest. Such artists are the gallery’s specialization as well. Palisander Gallery offers ideas of interior concepts "for living", where design and paintings together emphasize the spirit and aesthetics of their time, while being beyond times. Artists showcased at Cosmoscow 2017: Alexandre Garbell, Leon Zack.

  • Alexandre Garbell (1903-1970) Composition, 1956 Oil on canvas 100 х 81 cm © Palisander Gallery
    Alexandre Garbell (1903-1970) Composition, 1956 Oil on canvas 100 х 81 cm © Palisander Gallery