September 18 – 20
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Khartoum Contemporary Art Center

Khartoum Contemporary Art Centre is a conceptual art initiative founded by Fadlabi and Karin Erixon with focus on contemporary art and new media. The center was meant to be located in Khartoum, a city that was always a meeting point between Africa and the Middle East. The city with its African roots in the kingdom of Nubia and Kush and its Arabic and Islamic culture was always a fertile soil for identity crises and political conflicts and influences from both Pan Arabs and Pan Africanists simultaneously. It’s a bridge between the two and a border at the same time. A wall that separates them and a window for both to look into each other. For now, the center is based in Oslo. A cultural center in exile, waiting for democracy and working to make it happen. The main goal of KCAC is to motivate and develop discursive projects that stem from Africa and the Middle East. Bridging the gap between them and the rest of the globe. KCAC gardens a new understanding for arts in Africa and the Middle East. The center aims to help Sudanese artists to get in touch with their peers in neighboring countries, help African artists to learn more about the arts in the Middle East and vise versa and it is a platform for the arts from both regions in Oslo. Artists showcased at Cosmoscow 2017: Ahmad Ghossein.

  • Ahmad Ghossein (b. 1981) State Secret, 2017 Digital print  50 x 35 cm
    Ahmad Ghossein (b. 1981) State Secret, 2017 Digital print 50 x 35 cm