September 10 - 13
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VLADEY – is the first auction of contemporary art in Russia, founded in 2013 by the leading expert of the art market, Vladimir Ovcharenko. VLADEY has gained prestige among artists, collectors and other representatives of the national and world art scene during the 4 years of its existence, has opened new facilities for Russian art development. VLADEY holds evening auctions twice a year – the autumn auction and the spring one; curatorial auction (the works are selected by an invited expert), as well as the unique “All for 100” auction (the starting price for all lots is €100), which has become a new word in the world auction practice. VLADEY auction is broadcast live: customers have the opportunity to bet from all over the world. The average percentage of the works sold at VLADEY auction is 75%, and that is considered as a very high result according to the world standards. For the four years of the VLADEY auction existence works by more than 1000 works by Russian artists have been sold. In summer of 2016 VLADEY opened its own exhibition hall VLADEY Space and launched the “Artist of the Week” program, which made it possible to popularize both concrete artists and their works, and the Russian contemporary art on the whole. Artists showcased at Cosmoscow 2017: Sergey Zarva, CrocodilePOWER, Oleg Tselkov, Tanya Pioniker, Vladimir Logutov, Semyon Faibisovich, Pavel Pepperstein, Alexander Vinogradov.

  • Oleg Tselkov (b. 1934) Flush Toilet and Agave, 1956 Oil on canvas 96 х 117  cm © VLADEY
    Oleg Tselkov (b. 1934) Flush Toilet and Agave, 1956 Oil on canvas 96 х 117 cm © VLADEY