September 18 – 20
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Terminal B

Terminal B is a new project space in Kirkenes, at the border where Norway and Russia meet. The venue was recently established by Pikene på Broen, a collective of curators and producers that have been actively initiating and facilitating artistic productions in and about the borderlands since 2001. Terminal B is the new Barents hub for genre and border crossing art projects. A place where both establishing and experienced artists can share their interests in the High North with art connoisseurs, an engaged local public as well as visitors and tourists of the Arctic. It is a point of departure for exploration of the Barents borderland in transition – and for discovery of alternative solutions to existing conventions. It is a gateway into and out from the Barents region – showcasing exceptional home-grown productions. Terminal B, under artistic supervision by Pikene på Broen, will ground its activities based on previous and current collaborations with such artists as Amund S. Sveen, Alexis Destoop, Anders Sunna, Blue Noses, Chto Delat, Daniaux & Pigot, eeefff, Eva Bakkeslett, Geir Tore Holm, Ina Otzko, Joar Nango, Knut Åsdam, Lars Ø Ramberg, Los Torreznos, Morten Traavik, O&A Florensky, Olga Kisseleva, Peder Istad, Per Berntsen, Peter Aidu, Sami Rintala, Sergey Shutov, Sever7, Stefano Cagol, Stiv Kuling, Svein Flygari Johansen, Synnøve Persen, Voldemars Johansons and others. Artists showcased at Cosmoscow 2017: Alexander Florensky, Joar Nango, Lars Ramberg, Magali Daniaux & Cédric Pigot.

  • 2014 Pencil on paper  21 х 15 cm (series of 96 drawings)
    2014 Pencil on paper 21 х 15 cm (series of 96 drawings)