Cosmoscow • ARTIS Gallery
September 15 – 17 2023
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ARTIS Gallery

ARTIS Gallery is a contemporary art gallery that was opened at Winzavod CCA in September 2017. The gallery is also a partner of the non-profit project ARTIS founded by Anastasia Potanina.

The activities of ARTIS Gallery are aimed at supporting and promoting young artists. Great attention is paid to regional art. For example, the debut for the gallery was the exhibition "Close to Celestials" curated by Diana Machulina. Geography of its participants stretched from St. Petersburg to Vladivostok. In July 2018 the gallery presented the project of artists from Irkutsk "The Island: New Cartography" dedicated to the Baikal region.

ARTIS Gallery cooperates with more than 20 authors, most of them are young artists under 35 years: Fedora Akimova, Daria Neretina, Alexey Zhuchkov, Anton and Alexei Tvorogovy, Sasha Ianchenko, Leta Dobrovolskaya, Sasha Kim, Mikhail Levius, Saveliy Kharlamov and others. However the gallery also deals with well-known masters of Russian contemporary art such as George Ostretsov and Alexei Lantsev.

At Cosmoscow 2018 ARTIS Gallery presents a joint project "Fragments and visions" of the Moscow artist Daria Neretina and St. Petersburg artist Fedora Akimova, dedicated to the problem of internal integrity in the modern world. The curator of the project is an art critic, art historian and contemporary art theorist Alexander Evangely.

Artists presented at Cosmoscow 2018: Fedora Akimova, Daria Neretina.

  • Daria Neretina (b. 1988) Laboratory, 2014 Porcelain, red-maid, wood  © ARTIS Gallery
    Daria Neretina (b. 1988) Laboratory, 2014 Porcelain, red-maid, wood © ARTIS Gallery