September 15 – 17 2023
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NAMEGALLERY was founded in St. Petersburg (Russia) in 2011. Within five years, the gallery proved itself as a strong new player on the Russian gallery market. The gallery promotes different contemporary Russian artists. The uniqueness of the gallery lies in the fact that the gallery works with the famous art movement – New Academy. There are exhibitions of the circle of Timur Novikov: Oleg Maslov, Victor Kuznetsov, Olga Tobreluts. 

The gallery's prime focus is on locally based artists. NAMEGALLERY represents and supports young, emerging artists, gives them the opportunity to experiment. The gallery successfully represented projects of V. Grikovsky, M. Sha, L. Tskhe, A. Marakulina, A. Tsikarishvili, and Sever-7 group. 

The exhibition space allows to exhibit large-scale works, showing three-dimensional installations. 

NAMEGALLERY cooperates with leading experts in the art-industry, works with main art-historians and critics, such as the staff of the Hermitage, the State Russian Museum: A. Ippolitov, E. Andreeva, G. Ershov, S. Savitsky.

The gallery has launched collaborative projects with Russian and European institutions in the sphere of education and cultural exchange. 

NAMEGALLERY participates in different international art fairs including Cosmoscow (2016, 2017) and Art Paris Art Fair (2014, 2015).

Artists presented at Cosmoscow 2018: Leonid Tskhe, Piotr Diakov.

  • Piotr Diakov (b. 1983) Caesar, 2018 Acrylic resin, pigment 62 х 40 cm © NAMEGALLERY
    Piotr Diakov (b. 1983) Caesar, 2018 Acrylic resin, pigment 62 х 40 cm © NAMEGALLERY