September 15 – 17 2022
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Studiocur/art is a non-profit curatorial platform specialised in contemporary art and registered in Paris. Founded by curator, Karina El Helou in 2015, the platform produces exhibitions to create unique interactions between the artist and the public. The platform is not defined by geographical or cultural adherence, its mission is to combine artists’ work with a school of critical thinkers, talented producers, architects and scenographers around the world. The platform has been developing the practice of bringing contemporary art to heritage buildings. The studio has collaborated with institutions, museums, other non-profit platforms, curators, artists and residencies, in both the public and private domains.

Latest projects include: The Silent Echo with nine artists such as Susan Hiller and Marwan Rechmaoui (Baalbek Museum, 2016), Cycles of Collapsing Progress with eighteen artists from Mexico and Lebanon such as Edgardo Aragon, Damien Ortega, Joanna Hadjithomas & Khalil Joreige and Rayyane Tabet (Niemeyer Fair, Lebanon 2018). The online editorial platform launching in September 2021 will specialize in Eastern Mediterranean cities, Caucasus and Russia.

Artists presented at Cosmoscow 2021: Laurent Grasso, Theo Mercier, Nadim Asfar, Tom Ellis.