September 10 - 12
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Conference: Made in Future. Contemporary art and fashion in perspective

June 7, 2018

Conference: Made in Future. Contemporary art and fashion in perspective.

Joint project by Publishing house Kommersant and Cosmoscow Foundation for Contemporary Art

7th June, 2018 at 15.30-21.00 pm

DI Telegraph, Moscow


  • What would Contemporary Art be like in future?
    • What can be described as a future Contemporary Art?
    • How do new forms of art effect on art market?
    • Do these forms have a commercial potential and how necessary are they in the artmarket developing process?
    • Prospects and difficulties of video art collecting, digital art, multimedia installations. Is that type of art only suits museums?
  • Forms of art ownership in 21 century
    • Collecting for yourself/sharing pieces of art with museums, exhibitions, and other institutions for a longterm period
    • Creating funds/museums, philanthropy
    • Art with brands/companies how such collaborations can improve the image of the company?
    • New forms of art ownership art for rent / art sharing / crypto-art auctions and сrypto-art investments
    • New standards of artmarket interaction, how does it affect the private collecting development "Collection of future" creation
    • The contemporary art market in Russia forecasts