Garage - Museum of the year 2020!

Feb. 19, 2020

The Cosmoscow Foundation is pleased to announce that in 2020 The Garage Museum of

Contemporary art will be the “Museum of the Year” at the Cosmoscow international

contemporary art fair, and with it recipient of significant gifts to its archival collection.

An event publicizing the collaboration between the organisations was staged, today,

Wednesday 19 February at the Garage—with presentations by the founder and director of

Cosmoscow, Margarita Pushkina, the director of the Garage, Anton Belov, and the artistic

director of Cosmoscow, Simon Rees.

As a logical continuation of the fair's non-commercial initiatives, the Cosmoscow

Foundation for contemporary art was founded in 2017, and has since that time

commissioned and produced a number of initiatives and major projects. Some of the

projects were showcased at the fair, while others were staged in major museums and

events, internationally. Importantly, the foundation undertakes an impressive museum

acquisition program, which has in recent years, resulted in major gifts to the collections of

the State Tretyakov Gallery, the Pushkin Museum, and the Moscow Museum of Modern


According to Margarita Pushkina [quote]: "the Fair and the Cosmoscow Foundation are

constantly striving to establish new partnerships, collaborations, and search for new ways

to develop the potential of the Russian contemporary art market and the art scene. We

consider the Garage Museum of contemporary art one of the most dynamic cultural

institutions in Russia, with which we share many values and views, and we are pleased to

announce Garage as the “Museum of the year”. I look forward to working with Garage."

Throughout the year, the Cosmoscow Foundation for contemporary art and the Garage will

implement a number of joint projects. The foundation will acquire for the Museum's archive

collection, which is the largest repository on the history of Russian modern and

contemporary art, three important archives: the archive of the St. Petersburg gallery

Navicula Artis; handwritten and illustrated catalogues of Eugene and Leo Kropiwnicki; and

the archive of Andrey Chirkov (Remizova), which contains letters of Andrei Sinyavsky. The

Museum's stand will be presented at the Cosmoscow fair, which will be held on September


Additionally, and following on from 2019, a percentage of proceeds from entrance tickets

to the fair will be transferred to the Garage Endowment Fund; while Anton Belov will take a

place on the Collectors’ Board of the fair.

Explaining the partnerships, Anton Belov, has highlighted that [quote] "the Cosmoscow

Fair is a great example of how enthusiasm and faith in your own business can bring

tangible results. Over the years, Cosmoscow has found its face, gained fame, and formed

a large community around itself. Every Cosmoscow fair is an international event, and I am

very happy that the focus of the fair, despite the abundance of participants from all over

the world, is always on Russian artists. The Garage team highly appreciates the status of

the "Museum of the year" and the fair's support for the fundamental elements of our

activity-the Archive and the Endowment Fund."

Making the most of the partnership, the Garage will be very present at the fair in

September, with its book and souvenir stores where you can buy exhibition catalogues,

books and albums on classical and modern art, photography, fashion, design and

architecture from the world's leading publishers, including Thames & Hudson, Taschen,

Hatje Cantz, Rizzoli, Prestel, Phaidon, books from the Museum's joint publishing program