September 18 – 20
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The exhibition of the works by Andrei Kuzkin opens in the New Tretyakov Gallery today

Sept. 21, 2017
The exhibition will take place in the Halls 21-22 in the New Tretyakov Gallery and will last till September 28, 2017. The gift to the Gallery is supposed to contribute to the development of contemporary art in Russia and to fulfill the Tretyakov gallery museum collection. The gift was formed by the following works of art: the installation “Everything’s is ahead!”(2011) together with the accompanying documentary video performance “Around the circle” (2008), documentary of actions, performances and projects 2006-2015 under the name “Right for life”. The donation will be held on September 21 involving the Cosmoscow Foundation for Contemporary Art, created in 2017 that united a few non-commercial initiatives, having been undertaken in the last few years.