September 15 – 17 2022
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TEO by Cosmosсow and the Winzavod Foundation launched a collaboration project “NEW NAMES. CHOICE OF WINDOWS"

Nov. 25, 2020

Winzavod Fund for the Support of Contemporary art together with online-platform TEO by Cosmoscow announces joint project for the support and promotion of young artists.

One of the key objectives of the project is to introduce the most promising emerging artists, who have received high marks from the expert Council, to a wide audience, collectors and the professional community, and to integrate them into the professional environment and the art market.

“New names” is a strategic direction for Winzavod in supporting emerging artists. It is based on two rules: research and expertise. Before each project we conduct a study of the request from the professional community, to solve certain tasks and attract professionals from the chosen field. Expert Council is necessary to ensure a transparent selection procedure for all participants in the process.

Sofia Trotsenko: “The partnership between Fund Winzavod and TEO by Cosmoscow is a unique combination of the significant institution of contemporary art with a platform that applies advanced technologies to promote emerging artists. In this context, we see digital space as a necessary tool in contemporary art today, which allows us to open it to a wide audience”.

Section "New names. Choice of Winzavod" on TEO platform will introduce a generation of artists who have received high marks from experts and institutional support from the Winzavod. The experts of the first release are:

• Alexander Burenkov - curator of the Cosmoscow Foundation for the support of contemporary art;

• Antonio Geusa - Doctor of philosophy, leading expert in the art of new technologies, member of the expert Council of Winzavod "Open studios" of the Winzavod;

• Andrey Parshikov - tutor of Winzavod “Open studios”, curator of V-A-C Foundation, teacher at Joseph Bakstein Institute of contemporary art;

• Stanislav Shuripa - curator, artist, lecturer at Joseph Bakstein Institute of contemporary art.

Artworks by selected authors and details of the "New Names" project are available on the website.