September 10 - 13
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A Doll's House
Artist: Olga Jürgenson
Curator: Alexey Maslyaev

A Doll's House is the artist Olga Jürgenson’s comment on the dramatic changes in the market for artificial sex partners over recent years.  A few decades ago simple, inflatable dolls were the only option, but recent developments have led to much more advanced, hyper-realistic sex dolls, to which artificial ‘brains’ connected to sensors in their bodies were first added in 2017. In the same year the first sex doll brothel appeared in Barcelona, and during the last 2 years similar establishments have spread across Europe.

It is important to highlight however that it is mainly the development of artificial sex partners for men that is progressing; leading to the question of whether humankind’s recent advances in achieving equality of the sexes could be reversed. According to some researchers however, the sex dolls promote a healthy sex life and consequently sex doll brothels should be encouraged; a more important positive is such brothels will reduce the massive problem of sex trafficking, and decrease violence against women.

The first sex-dolls brothel (or Adult Leisure Centre Dolls Hotel) in Moscow was opened in spring 2018. There are seven 'female' dolls and one male, one of the dolls is equipped with a pneumo-vibrating function in the vagina. Two of the dolls can be communicated with in the English or Chinese languages.

Part of artist Olga Jurgenson's installation, with the sex-dolls as the main subjects, will be situated at the Dolls Hotel. A series of tours to the hotel are planned as a part of Cosmoscow's non-commercial programme: they will be organised for specially invited guests, as well as for some more random visitors to the Fair. Minibuses will depart from Gostiny Dvor. *

One of the AI sex dolls will be present at the actual art fair, her location will change every so often. Visitors to the art fair will be able to communicate with the robot, greet her by her hand and take photos with her. The robot will be kindly provided by Dolls Hotel. (

This installation is a result of Jürgenson’s ongoing wider research on this highly debated and controversial subject. The project offers the artist’s reflection on the complexity of human sexuality and associated ethics; it also aims to provoke visitors to reflect as well, and to consider humankind’s future prospects.

Olga Jürgenson

Participant in significant group exhibitions globally, including 56th Venice Biennial, MANIFESTA 10, Liverpool, Moscow and Ural biennials. Awarded numerous grants and awards from several European foundations, in 2011 was nominated for Kandinsky Prize (Moscow, Russia). Some of her recent solo exhibitions were at the State Hermitage Museum, St Petersburg, Russia and New Hall Art Collection, University of Cambridge, UK.

Olga's works are in state and private collections across the world, including The State Russian Museum, National Centre for Contemporary Art (Russia), Oulu Art Museum (Finland), The University of Cambridge (UK).

* For press representatives there will be a possibility to arrange an individual visit.

* Taking part in the tour to the brothel will be limited to visitors of 18+ years of age.