September 29 – October 1 2023
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* Performance Programme by Open Studios of Winzawod

Open Studios is a platform that combines the principles of a workshop, residence and art school based on one of the leading Russian art institutions. The project was launched by the Winzavod Fund for the Support of Contemporary Art within the framework of the New Names strategic division. It offers an up-to-date space for creativity and work, an educational program, and an opportunity to fit into a professional environment.

For the artists, participation in a project is an opportunity to take their first steps in the professional and commercial field under the guidance of experienced experts. For gallery owners and curators it offers acquaintance with future stars at the stage of their formation. The visitors are introduced to the process of creating works of art.


Alina Brovina. Collective Body performance

10.09 17:30-19:30
11.09 12:30-14:00

The Collective Body performance uses a pseudo-medical approach to collecting Fair visitors’ data, addresses both the recent or still-experienced pandemic event and the increasingly elusive anonymity and privacy.


Lena Buzueva. The Choice karaoke performance

10.09 20:00-22:00
11.09 14:30-17:00
12.09 14:30-17:00
13.09 20:00-22:00

The vocal adventure offering a criticism of democratic institutions that cannot cope with their declared functions. Sharing information about viewers' preferences without verification for subsequent discussion carries on the hypothesis of art as one of the ways to collect data. An additional offer from the artist: a temporary henna tattoo to choose from 14 sketches by 14 artists of the Open Studios.


Vanya Volkov. Works on balloons

10.09, all day long

Carrying on with his series of works with balloons that interact with space and context, the artist uses posters to explore the relationship between young authors and art institutions. Statements appear in the form of an appeal to the participants in the event from an artist who is part of the contemporary art system but does not fit in it.