September 27 – 29 2024
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Author: Diana Motsonashvili
Curator: Maxim Boxer

The Collector’s Eye curated exhibition takes place as part of Cosmoscow starting from 2014.

2020 is a year of changes, instability, variable rules of the game in almost all areas of our life. Empty city streets, e-learning, Zoom, masks and gloves, business shutdowns, cancellation of exhibitions and concerts. One of the most significant events for the art market at this time was the appearance of Facebook group The Ball and the Cross – a platform created by Maxim Boxer for the mutual support of artists and collectors. One of the basic rules of the project is that to buy from the others once you sell your own works.  The second participant of the project is Fineartway, one of the biggest Russian companies for the transportation of artworks. During the quarantine, instead of their usual work they were engaged in providing assistance to Russian museums, artists, and people in need. The Artist’s Choice exhibition project became a reaction to the new reality.

The project features works of The Ball and The Cross group’s members. At the same time, not only the content of the exhibition and the exhibited works, but also its place (a special Fineartway truck for art transportation) clearly prove that the art market can exist against all odds. The Artist’s Choice exhibition presents a selection of famous artists, including A. Salakhova, D. Konovalova-Infante, A. Shirnin, and others. In addition, the exhibition will feature the works of artists/collectors.