September 27 – 29 2024
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A special concert of the SOUND UP festival of new music, presenting the world premiere of the magnum opus “Canto ostinato” by the main European minimalist Simeon ten Holt, performed by an orchestra of Russian folk instruments.

On September 30, the SOUND UP Festival will open the concert season in the space of the Cosmoscow fair. Especially for this event, the curators have prepared an extraordinary premiere in the fusion style: for the first time, the composer Simeon ten Holt's piece "Canto ostinato" will be performed by an orchestra of Russian folk instruments.

The SOUND UP special project is dedicated to the centenary of the Dutch minimalist Simeon ten Holt. Adopting the method invented by American minimalists, the composer returned to music an undisguised nostalgia for melodic beauty and euphony, thereby inscribing his name in history. The quiet revolution of an ascetic and provincial from a Dutch village has been maturing for decades: ten Holt found his unique style when he was over fifty. Turning to the rehearsal technique, ten Holt began to compose giant minimalistic canvases, including his magnum opus "Canto Ostinato".

This piece is written for keyboard instruments, but the composer does not specify a specific performing composition. "Canto ostinato" became a hit among pianists and percussionists around the world, but the SOUND UP curators, avoiding formulaic solutions, decided to sound the score with Russian folk instruments. The author of the new version of the score, which will meet academic minimalism and Russian folk music, will be composer and pianist Igor Yakovenko, well known to Moscow listeners.

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  • 30 September 6 p.m. - 7 p.m.