September 10 - 13
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Cosmoscow educational program me to answer the question “Where is the Revolution?"

This year Cosmoscow Talks educational programme reflects on the topic of the Cosmoscow non-commercial programme “Where is the Revolution?” in a series of lectures and public talks enhanced by art performances. Each event provides its own interpretation of revolutionism from social consequences of love for animals to new media art.

September 8

1 pm. Geir Tore Holm, Poetic Passage (lecture supported by Pikene på Broen).

2-30pm. Confuse-A-Cat or Social Consequences of Love for Animals (discussion, exposition). Participants: Vitaly Barabanov, Alex Buldakov, Alina Glazun, Oleg Kulik. Moderator: Alexander Zhuravlev.

4 pm. Alistair Hicks, Doublethink, the Pervasive Legacy of the Revolution (lecture).

September 9

12-30 pm. Artist in the Floating World (celebrating 25th anniversary of the Institute of Contemporary Art). Participants: Ilya Budraitskis, Anna Titova, Andrey Parshikov, Kirill Gluschenko, Vladimir Logutov, Olga Kroytor. Moderator: Stanislav Shuripa. Together with the Institute of Contemporary Art.

2 pm. Morten Traavik, Always Prepared! DMZ Academy and Opposition through Collaboration (lecture supported by Pikene på Broen).

2 pm. Food Event as a Space for Interaction, a public talk about collective dinners curated by artists in the context of interaction aesthetics. Participants: Julia Belousova (Ephemeral dinner), Evgeniya Chassagnard, Yuri Yurkin, Ksenia Likina (all – Untitled), Ivan Gorshkov, Ilya FrdotovFedorov, Taus Makhacheva. Moderator: Alexei Maslyaev

5.30 pm – 6.30 pm.  Lars Ø Ramberg, Benefit of Doubt (lecture supported by Pikene på Broen).

7 pm – 8 pm. Seagull performance by VASYARUN group. Participants: anonymouus members of the VASYARUN group (10…15 people).

September 10

12 pm – 8 pm. Let All Your Dreams Come True performance by Aleksei Taruts (together with ISMAAG).

2 pm. Cultural Potential of Technology: Opportunities for Art and Society Beyond the Boundaries of our Perception (public talk). Participants: Natalia Fuchs, Antonio Geusa, Anton Baranov. Moderator: Alexei Maslyaev.

4 pm. (Im)perfect Futures: Utopia as Escape, Inspiration, Critique and Danger (public talk). Participants: Ivar Maskutov (PostNauka), Denis Maksimov (Avenir Institute), Hani Rashid (Asymptote Architecture), Dr Maya Van Leemput (ReelFutures), Natalya Akhmerova (Mars Dreams Agency). Moderator: Igor Akhmerov.

6 pm. Art in the Imaginary Future public talk and premiere screening of Rostan Tavasiev’s A Drop of Creacin fantastic series. Participants: Rostan Tavasiev, Sergey Shikarev