September 10 - 13
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Food Event as a Space for Interaction, a public talk about collective dinners curated by artists in the context of interaction aesthetics

Discussion. Participants: Julia Belousova (Ephemeral dinner), Evgeniya Chassagnard, Yuri Yurkin, (both – Untitled), Ivan Gorshkov, Ilya Fedotov-Fedorov, Taus Makhacheva. Moderator: Alexei Maslyaev.

During this talk the discussion will revolve around the artistic events related to collective process of cooking and eating. It refers to the situation when the artist tries to play different roles that allow him to invade the previously inaccessible territories and to change them. It imitates certain production processes, but creates a social space of meetings and visits, previously non-existing interpersonal connections and new types of relations between people. Participants will present their points of view as to the the format of such initiatives and discuss its correlation with the ‘aesthetics of interaction’, according to which “the sphere of interpersonal interaction [has] the status of artistic form” (Bourriaud). Based on their own experience, the participants will talk about how these events are taking place, who makes up the audience, and how the experience of ‘edible art’ can be of interest for artists, organizers and visitors.