September 10 - 13
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Cultural Potential of Technology: Opportunities for Art and Society Beyond the Boundaries of our Perception.

Discussion. Participants: Natalia Fuchs, Antonio Geusa, Anton Baranov. Moderator: Alexei Maslyaev.

The conversation is devoted to the discussion of new media art, technological and scientific art as directions that are most receptive to the specific features of our time: its pace, information density and the boundary state between the real and virtual spaces. Speakers will talk about how the development of modern-day technologies affects the themes and methods of creativity, humanitarian research and science, and why there is a need to revise the usual cultural concepts in a technological society. The conversation will also touch upon the issues of constant expansion of the range of expressive means used by artists in connection with their active appeal to technological and scientific achievements. Participants will tell about their experience and interest in technological art based on their own artistic practice (Anton Baranov) and TECHNE curated project, which is a practical study of the relationship between art and technology in terms of the art history (Natalia Fuchs, Antonio Geusa).

Anton Baranov is a Russian artist and Rodchenko Art School of Photography and Multimedia student. His expertise covers different areas of technological art from making mobile applications to video game art.

Natalia Fuchs is an art historian, new media researcher, curator and specialist in art management; curator and head of Media Art Programs at ROSIZO-NCCA.

Antonio Geusa is an independent curator and art critic with a Ph.D. degree. His area of expertise includes the new art technologies and Russian video art.