September 10 - 13
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Art in the Imaginary Future. Premiere screening of Rostan Tavasiev’s A Drop of Creacin series

Discussion, screening. Participants: Rostan Tavasiev, Sergey Shikarev.

Public talk with Russian artist Rostan Tavasiev and researcher of Russian sci-fi culture Sergey Shikarev enhanced by the premiere screening of  Rostan Tavasiev’s A Drop of Creacin fantastic series.

Public talk’s topic is art in the imaginary future. In his research project of the same name, Rostand Tavasiev points out that in various scenarios of the future, presented in sci-fi works, art is practically absent. Speakers will talk about the reasons for this inattention of sci-fi autors to art practices and will discuss the ideas of Russian authors about art in the imaginary future collected by Tavasiev in order to take a closer look at the current situation. After all, describing the world of the future sci-fi books and scripts point to the problems and cataclysms of the present and contribute to their overcoming.

A Drop of Creacin is the first fantastic series about art in the distant future. In eight episodes the viewer will learn about the incredible adventures of an unknown Artist: his heroic death in the asteroid Kuiper belt, his solemn resurrection in the planet Malgaut's atmosphere, his job as a rector of the Academy of fine arts in the system of Ka, and about the mysterious events at the Infinity intergalactic fair.