September 10 - 13
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The Zarya Center for Contemporary Art first opened its doors in Vladivostok in 2013. Zarya CCA is lo- cated within the Zarya creative cluster, in the space of the former sewing factory that gave the site its name. Zarya CCA sees its mission in presenting the Primorye region with the best of contemporary art and culture from Russia and beyond, while also supporting artists and the local art community. Over the years, Zarya has implemented dozens of projects with the participation of the local artistic com- munity, with a number of publications initiated; with the help of Zarya, works of Vladivostok artist toured around Russia and were shown in Moscow and St. Petersburg for the first time with some of them entering major collections (including works by Ilyas Zinatulin, Alexander Kiryakhno and Alexey Krutkin). At Cosmoscow 2019, projects presented by Zarya will be dedicated to those artists and art groups whose art became visible thanks to Zarya.