September 10 - 13
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As Cosmoscow 2019 Museum of the Year, the Moscow Museum Of Modern Art presents at the Fair a project celebrating the 20th anniversary of MMOMA and conducts an educational programme for children and adults.

MMOMA’s pavilion at Cosmoscow is the prologue to an anniversary thematic exhibition titled MMOMA 99/19, which will open in December 2019 at the museum’s venue at 25 Petrovka Street. The exhibition, dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the first state museum of contemporary art in Russia, will bring together 20 professionals from various fields of science and culture — from film directors and musicians to doctors, scientists and restaurateurs — who under the guidance of the museum’s curators will offer their personal perspectives on the museum’s extensive collection of Russian art.

Temporary thematic shows displaying artworks from the museum’s collection are the hallmark of MMOMA’s exhibition program. The exhibitions of selected works from the collection have been held regularly since 2009, each time forming a fascinating narrative. While some of the exhibitions were curated by the museum’s research department staff, others were developed by invited experts. To date, eight large-scale exhibition projects have been held as part this program, including Doors Open Day curated by the architect Yuri Avvakumov, “Fortune Museum” conceived by MMOMA’s Executive Director Vasili Tsereteli and “Interaction” as part of which contemporary Russian artists offered their response to MMOMA’s collection. With MMOMA 99/19, the ninth exhibition in a series, the museum endeavors to expand its interdisciplinary practices.

MMOMA’ pavilion at the Fair is designed by Olga Treyvas (FORM Bureau) who is one of the guest curators of MMOMA 99/19. For 20 years, she has collaborated with the museum on several occasions and this time once again is be part of the museum’s exhibition design team.  As part of the Fair, Olga presents her perspective on MMOMA’s history and provides a sneak peek at the design of the future exhibition.