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September 27 – 29 2024
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Phygital Is the New Digital or Art 3.0. From Digital to Objects

With “Phygital Is the New Digital” exhibition Instigators art group brings together like-minded artists that work in the digital art sphere and use the possibilities of blockchain to create works that are both digital and physical at the same time. The relatively new term “phygital” comes from the merger of two English words: “physical” and “digital”. The authors are attempting to answer one of the key questions of the industry: what justifies the use of blockchain technology in art, and how do artists understand the connection between digital and physical objects.

“Kaspar Hauser’s Phantom Family”. Non-commercial project supported by Sergey Limonov Art Foundation

Jonjoli Flowers (new project by North-7 group participants together with the close artists) group members rethink the way from former family with broken communicative relations to the family with lost children. Within the given historic moment, condition of half-decay, disunity is taken as sign of the times.

Project "Pompeii" by Evgeny Granilshchikov and Lyudmila Baronina

The project consists of detailed personal histories presented through the fixation of bodily states. It is a search for almost sculptural plasticity, which becomes a description of the death of modernity that we knew only yesterday.

A presentation of the board game “THE MAIN EXHIBIT”

On September 15—17, the 10th edition of Cosmoscow International Contemporary Art Fair in Gostiny Dvor will host a presentation of the first board game about the art business, allowing players to plunge into the world of contemporary art; understand the routines of major art market players, from private galleries to big auctions; learn interesting historical facts; and, most importantly, form their own contemporary art collection.

Screening of video works by Sasha Pirogova and Marina Fridman

Cosmoscow 2022 will screen the films "Garden" and "Out of Time".

Cashback for art with Tinkoff Private

From year to year, for more than 10 years, Cosmoscow brings together the key players in the art market (galleries and the artists they represent) under the same roof, inviting all art connoisseurs to get acquainted with the most relevant works and embark on an exciting journey to create their own collection. As part of the 10th edition of Cosmoscow, together with Tinkoff Private, a digital bank for wealthy clients, we are proud to announce new opportunities: by purchasing art at the fair or on the TEO by Cosmoscow online platform, everyone will be able to receive cashback in the amount of 10%. In addition, with a special version of Tinkoff’s digital mobile private banking, created for collectors and the fair’s VIP audience, it will be possible to sign up for art consulting sessions and tours with the stars.

"Youth" project by

Партнер Cosmoscow фотобренд ЗЕНИТ совместно с кураторами Борисом Бернаскони и Сашей Мадемуазель по случаю открытия первого магазина в ГУМе устремляет взгляд в будущее и показывает серию работ фотографа Максима Купрещенкова — исследование состояния, возникающего во время общения с моделью. Всегда интересно, как фотографу удается увидеть человека через объектив, но не менее любопытно то, что видит модель и как это отражается на итоговых картинках: каждый раз это небольшое открытие, которое помогает автору лучше понять себя. В серии собраны портреты девушек, которые были сделаны в период летних месяцев с 2020-2022 год: как друзья, так и до того незнакомые автору героини.


For the first time ever, the fair will feature a special zone by 4ARTechnologies AG, an international holding based in Zug (Switzerland), which has created a digital ecosystem for everyone willing to embrace the artistic process. 4ARTechnologies has created a set of digital tools for the art world in the form of a mobile application, including: a digital catalog for storing and administering a collection; the first internationally recognized digital document for protecting and authenticating artworks based on patented Swiss vector analysis and blockchain technology; virtual galleries and an art metaverse for displaying exhibition projects in various exhibition spaces in high resolution; as well as the most convenient creation of protected NFT + allowing to display works on the curated 4ART marketplace at once.

Art Decoder Project

Zen and Cosmoscow have put together a multi-format encyclopedia of contemporary art in which stars and popular bloggers answer difficult questions: for example, is a picture generated by a neural network a work of art?

Cosmoscow x Radio 7

Cosmoscow is always full of participants and bright special projects. To make the immersion in the world of contemporary art as comfortable as possible, a special audio guide was prepared together with Radio 7, which tells in detail about all the galleries of the 10th edition of the fair. In addition, the Radio 7 zone on Cosmoscow will feature a series of podcasts with key art experts and explore numerous art forms.

Hutton Metaverse

Hutton, a longtime Cosmoscow partner, keeps on developing the idea of new meditative spaces by merging architecture, design, and art. This season, it presents its own world — the Hutton Metaverse. Inspired by the era of space discovery, Hutton created an architectural module enhanced with art objects made by world-renowned NFT artists Laya Mathikshara, Nils Hansen, and Ryan Whitby. The interiors of Hutton Metaverse feature functional architectural forms, designed in strict minimalism in the spirit of ergonomic space stations. The project was based on a real Hutton object, the LUNAR space complex (Moscow), created for people who are ready to bring the future closer.