Cosmoscow • Programme
September 15 – 17 2023
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ACI Art Forum

The 10th edition of Cosmoscow International Contemporary Art Fair, together with the Agency for Creative Industries of the City of Moscow, presents the Business Program, which will be held during the days of the fair in Gostiny Dvor on September 14—17.

This year, the speakers of the program will discuss the professional standards and trends that have developed in the art industry in recent years: how art has become closer to business, why large companies support cultural institutions, and why we see the work of contemporary artists in public spaces more and more often.

12:30 p.m. - 2 p.m.

Art in public spaces: coordination and placemenе

Public art is an important tool for the development of territories; it brings diversity to the urban environment, attracts tourists, and creates new points of attraction for citizens and businesses. At the same time, those who at least once in their lives tried to implement their project on the streets of the capital (from curators to developers) note that they encountered difficulties in coordinating and placing art objects or murals. Representatives of various departments of the city will talk about how the approval process works and what to do in order to simplify it and make it comfortable for all parties.
  • Ekaterina Perventseva Ekaterina Perventseva Moderator
  • Gregory Orekhov Gregory Orekhov
  • Stepan Orlov Stepan Orlov
  • Julia Adigamova Julia Adigamova
  • Vadim Kochetkov Vadim Kochetkov
2:30 p.m. - 4 p.m.

Art in transport!?

As part of the discussion, the experts will discuss international and local experience in the implementation of art projects in the space of stations, metro and ground transport, and also talk about whether they help to increase the audience of museums.
  • Dmitry Bykov Dmitry Bykov Moderator
  • Anna Ermolitskaya Anna Ermolitskaya
  • Dmitry Aske Dmitry Aske
  • Oksana Bondarenko Oksana Bondarenko
6:30 p.m. - 8 p.m.

How art makes commercial brands stronger

Can art help businesses solve complex problems, strengthen and renew brands, and reach new audiences? Representatives of various companies will talk about the most striking cases of their cooperation with the art industry; about what they can give to the art environment and what they expect from it in return.
  • Ksenia Korobeynikova Ksenia Korobeynikova Moderator
  • Alexandra Bobretsova Alexandra Bobretsova
  • Alisa Bagdonaite Alisa Bagdonaite
  • Alexandra Lekomtseva Alexandra Lekomtseva
  • Julia Chernova Julia Chernova