Cosmoscow • Programme
September 15 – 17 2023
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ACI Art Forum

The 10th edition of Cosmoscow International Contemporary Art Fair, together with the Agency for Creative Industries of the City of Moscow, presents the Business Program, which will be held during the days of the fair in Gostiny Dvor on September 14—17.

This year, the speakers of the program will discuss the professional standards and trends that have developed in the art industry in recent years: how art has become closer to business, why large companies support cultural institutions, and why we see the work of contemporary artists in public spaces more and more often.

2:30 p.m. - 4 p.m.

Gallery + Museum: interaction and partnership strategies

Today's art industry is built on the successful cooperation of the commercial and non-commercial sectors. The galleries provide primary expertise by identifying promising young artists, developing their careers, selling works of art, and providing opportunities for the artists to earn money. The museums carry out the most important, final examination in the art market: if an artist ends up in museum collections, it means that his/her value is recognized by an independent museum community and will become part of the cultural and state heritage; his/her price and status are confirmed; and the value of private collections, where his/her works are already presented, is growing. As part of the discussion, we will talk about what formats of cooperation and interaction exist today between galleries and museums. What mechanisms for supplementing museum collections are working in Russia today and what difficulties do galleries and museums face on the way to building a partnership.
  • Alina Kryukova Alina Kryukova Moderator
  • Vasily Tsereteli Vasily Tsereteli
  • Sergey Popov Sergey Popov
  • Irina Gorlova Irina Gorlova
  • Ksenia Podoinitsyna Ksenia Podoinitsyna
4:30 p.m. - 6 p.m.

Corporate patronage in the arts

In 2014, the law "On philanthropic activities" defined its basic concepts and secured the legal status of philanthropists and patrons. But even before the adoption of the law, philanthropy and support for social and cultural projects entered the practice of many Russian corporations. As part of the discussion, invited experts will talk about the goals set by large companies that support cultural projects and art; and representatives of the museum community will talk about their expectations of such cooperation.
  • Alisa Prudnikova Alisa Prudnikova Moderator
  • Valentina Davydik Valentina Davydik
  • Marina Loshak Marina Loshak
  • Fatima Mukhomedzhan Fatima Mukhomedzhan
  • Anton Inkin Anton Inkin
6:30 p.m. - 8 p.m.

Supplementing museum collections: gifts from individuals and charitable foundations

Museums have individual requests to supplement their collections by including works by contemporary artists. As part of the discussion, we will talk about who (collectors, artists, or private foundations) today most often acts as the initiator of a gift to a museum, what this gift can become, how an expert buying committee works, and how the donation procedure is prepared in terms of legal support and documentation.
  • Anna Trapkova Anna Trapkova Moderator
  • Oksana Oracheva Oksana Oracheva
  • Anastasia Ivanova Anastasia Ivanova
  • Olga Dranichkina Olga Dranichkina
  • Tatyana Gafar Tatyana Gafar